June 30, 2009

Illinois or Bust!!

Okay. I can co-pilot while the kids are asleep.

Now where exactly is Illinois? And how far is it from Oklahoma?
So far so good. Not a peep out of them.

They're being so good.Think I'll take a nap while I have the chance.
'Ya know, I can't say much for hotel stays. The car was much more comfortable.

The Pasta Family Is Complete

Penne delivered 7 helathy puppies Monday, June 29th. Unfortunately, 2 others were still born. Mommy and babies are doing well.

Pups 1&2 dark brown with white on chest, 1 female and 1 male (one has white on the nose)Their names are as follows;

Female = Macaroni, to be called Maci (like the department store)
Male = Manicotti, to be called Mani
Pup 3 = all white, male Angel Hair, to be called Angel

Pup 4 = tan female Rigatoni, to be called Toni
Pup 5 = black and white male, looks like a white belt, to be called Orzo
Pup 6 = dark brown with small white spot behind head, male Ravioli, to be called Ravi
Pup 7 = brown with white stripe on the head and white spot behind head, female Piccolino, to be called Picco

June 27, 2009

Octo Mom Plus 1=Me!

I'm due any day.
Can you see the glow? I'm ready to delivery what I'm told is 9 happy babies. Wish me luck. And come back soon to see my little darlings.